Software Engineering


I currently work as a Test Engineer, which has me writing and maintaining the software  used during the production and testing of marine electronic devices.  I primarilly work in, with some a gradually increasing amount of C#, and some embedded C of various dialects.

I also get to use my electronics hobbyist skills in designing the machinery used to build and test the product.


I consider myself fluent in both Python and C#, capable in Java and Visual Basic, and passable in a wide range of other languages, including SQL, HTML and JavaScript.


It may have been 10+ years ago, but the project I am proudest of is called Centipede.  It was developed for Chemineer in Derby, England, as a basic graphical programming language, used for splitting big, repetitive tasks into lots of small steps.  Unfortunately, I do not own the rights to be able to share it, but it was awesome.


Fuzzface was a watch face I developed for the now obsolete Pebble smartwatch.  It shows the time to the nearest five minutes until you shake your wrist, then displays the time accurately to a minute.


This was my first venture into creating usable libraries for other people.

It's a finite state machine that can be configured in code using either delegate functions or custom state classes.