I own a variety of musical instruments, and play many more, with varying levels of proficiency.


I currently own a Roland keyboard.  Not counting the recorder I played at a very young age, piano was my first instrument, I took lessons when I was about 8, and continued for a few years, until I grew board of the constant practice it demanded. I used to play keys for my church worship band back in the UK.


I have an Alesis Turbo e-drum kit, I first played snare in a Scouts Marching band (well, first I played cymbals, then moved to snare when I was big enough to carry one). I aught myself most of what I know about drums based on my snare experience.  I also played drums in a church worship band for a short time, but I since stopped attending that church.


Again, I am self-taught, but I play acoustic, a Line 6 Variax electric, and a Squire P bass. I've led small group worship sessions on acoustic and I filled in on bass for a different worship band, also back in England.


If I had to choose a role to do with music, it would be a sound engineer.  I took an 18-month class on sound engineering back when I was 20ish, and loved it.  I've mixed audio at several churches, and I own a small Fender Passport PA system.  I've also dabbled in recording; primarily using Cubase.


I also sing, well enough to hold a tune, but not well enough to consider singing at anything other than open mic nights.